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Classification of lasers and Caution of use!

Class ¢ñ Less than 0.4 microwatts, No safety requirements are needed to use class ¢ñ.
Class¢ò£ºThe power of his class laser range from 0.4mw to1.0mw. The responsibility of human's eyes is to the strength light 0.25s. In 0.25s, human's eyes can't be exposed to strong light over the quantity of MPE.
Class¢ó£ºConcorning for safe, we classify class3 into class3a and clss3b£¬This class of laser will do harm to our eyes directly.

Class¢óa£ºpower of light stream: 1~5mw£¬the power of light stream can not be over 25w/m-m. This class of laser will do harm to retina when directly shoot at our eyes!

Class¢ób£ºoutput power :5~500mw.This class of laser will do harm to our body according to the power.

Class¢ô£ºThe power is more than 500mw£¬visible or invisible. This class of laser will not only do great harm to human body, but also cause fire or other accidents. It's advisable to control the using of this class of laser. the user should be permitted professional.

The manufacturer is required to label Class II, III and IV lasers with a warning label which will also have the laser's classification printed on it.

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