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Products Series: About us

Shenzhen Baolihua Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is specialized in Research and Development , manufacturing laser products and controlling circuitry. We offer OEM and ODM service. There are about 200 employees in our company. We have 4 production lines of laser diode modules, 2 production lines of electronics modules, 2 sets of coinstantaneous 1,000 laser diodes aging equipments, The annual capacity of the industrial laser module is more than 500.000 pcs, the laser instrument is morn than 100,000 pcs.

The main products manufactured in our company are: industrial red laser  module, green laser module, infrared laser module, laser pen, Ultrasonic Range Finder, Ultraviolet and Infrared Laser Anti-counterfeiting products, Laser line LED tail light, Laser detecting Optical system.

with many years of rich experience, We are capable to design and produce special laser optic system and fixing bracket to satisfy customer's special application .

Red Laser Module Series

Green Laser Module Series

Infrared Laser Module Series

Laser Pen and Laser Pointer

Laser Line LED Taillight

Laser Detecting Optical System¡¡

Ultrasonic Range Finder


Products Series


Red laser module

Infrared laser module

Laser pen

Laser Line LED Tail Light

Laser detecting Optical system



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